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Solid Gold Dainty Floral Necklace / Real Gold Cluster Pendant / 14k Necklace For Her / Handmade Fine Jewelry by Selanica

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14k Solid Gold Dainty Floral Necklace. Floral Design Real Gold Cluster Necklace . Minimalist Design Necklace For Her with premium grade D Color (colorless) VS/SI clarity moissanite.

All of the materials including pendant and chain are 14k Solid Gold. It's dainty and sturdy.

Dimensions - Chain width: 1.30 mm. Pendant Width: 7.0 mm. Pendant Height: 7.0 mm.

💙 Our jewelry is handcrafted with love and great care at San Francisco Bay! All of our items are 14k stamped for authenticity.

💙 You will receive them exactly as pictured. We don't use any filters, all photos are authentic and unedited.

💙 The material is 14k solid gold and should not be confused with gold plating or filling. It won't tarnish or fade over time.

💙 Our chain is a special diamond cut chain with 1.30 mm thickness. It's dainty and sturdy. We’re offering the finest quality in solid gold jewelry.

💙 Quick shipping - Your order will be handcrafted and shipped in a few days.

💙 For the highest quality, pendants are made with casting.

🎁 They are delivered in a nice jewelry box, ready to be presented as a precious gift.

💎 Moissanite is the best alternative for natural diamonds as the second hardest gemstone.

💎 Disperses light very well, has higher light refraction than diamond, and will appear more brilliant.

💎 Less likely to attract dirt over time than a diamond due to its crystalline structure and keeps the ‘sparkle’ longer in between cleanings.

💎 Created in the lab as a conflict-free and environmentally friendly choice.

💙 We also make custom orders and work with diamonds, please contact us for the details.

Thank you for visiting our store!

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